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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  June 19, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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at the top of the hour you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. two terror attacks just hours apart. this driver deliberately ramming the -- explosives and weapons, this is the fifth time in four months that security forces have come under attack in paris. melissa bell is standing by. what i've led. is weapons and explosive to blots up his car, melissa.
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simpts that was the that was confirmed early on. the bottom half, you can still clearly see that car, the white car, overtaking a police convoy and ramming is it twice, we have now learned into that police truck. inside the car were weapons and enough explosive to blow it up. this could have been worse still than it was, as it happens, no one was wounded or killed apart from the assailant who died shortly after the attack. this is another in a series of attacks we have seen, a -- has been opened in the fifth, and again security services targeted, again one of paris ease high-profile highly touristic areas, what what's come to be a in what epps can these better expecting in the end once they're faced be taken
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out in the act, but explosive found in the car and what it seems to be an attempt at least in the hope that his car would explode. that thankfully did not happen. >> melissa, thank you so much, the par i ace tack coming on the heels of a similar assault in london. one person is dead, ten are injured after a van rammed worshippers just after mid night from evening ramadan prayers were over. this is the second terror attack in london in just three weeks. this is in the finsbury area, what they call clearly an attack on muslims the tell me more about what part of london this was and what we know about this man. >> yeah a 47-year-old man northwest of london, a mixed neighborhood, if you will, a
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neighborhood that has had trouble at that mosque a long way in the past when it had a different imam there, abu hamza known as the hood imam, because he had his hands blown off. he was prosecuted for radicalizing people. that was a long time ago, around the 9/11 attacks. nowadays it preaches nonviolence, has no -- so this came as an utter shock. there have been spikes and a rise in islamphobic attacks. she said she would be founding an extremism unit that would worked to cut out extremism in the way they cut out racism in this country. this man, as far as we know, rented this ran.
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is appears to be a rental van, drove it into people as they were leaving the mosque in the middle of the night. he was wrestled to the ground by people who were attending the mosque. they held him there until the police arrived. the police attended within a minute of getting the phone call, declared it a terrorism incident after eight minutes, according to the prime minister. additional police will be put on the treatment around mosques this time, because it's ram ada and there's a real effort here to create a sense of security for britain's muslim community. they feel to a degree under threat, in part because of the reaction to other attacks here, nic robertson, thank you so much. >> now to the continuing contradict, coming out of the white house about this russia investigation. moments ago, the president kept sile
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silents. >> mr. president are you under investigation? po are you under investigation? >> that is in contrast to what his personal attorney has saying all over tv today, once again he went against the president's own words. he repeated that president trump is not under investigation despite the president's tweet friday saying, quote -- i am being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. witch-hunt, though we heard later on friday that was based on the news report, not because he directly knows he's being investigated. here's more. he would not explain why he wasn't taking a simple step to actually clear things up. here is his conversation with chris cuomo. >> if you're going to spend so much time, why don't you pick up the phone and say i asked mueller, and he said no --
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>> you're asking me to pick up a phone on an investigation that we don't know exists. >> of course you know it exists. you know mueller is looking at this. >> and find out. if it matters so much, if you know this -- >> find out. >> you know there's a difference between investigations, inquiri inquiries, there's a whole series of matters you look at. >> but i'm saying you can't get the answer. >> i haven't made that call. all right. let's start there. live with me lanny davis, who was once the white house counsel under president clinton. he became the lead outside surrogate. he was both truth to tell, tell it early, tell it yourself, notes from my white house education. also with us is rick santorum, a former republican u.s. senator from pennsylvania. gentlemen, welcome to both of us. lanny, to you first.
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apparently jay sakalo is being called the lanny davis for president trump. i don't know if you're aware of that, but you have all these contradictions coming out. tell me what you would do differently. >> first of all i'm going to ruin hi reputation. i've known him for a number of years, he's already civil, just as senator santorum is, so it's possible to disagree and be civil. he has a tough position because of the tweet. if president trump had the feeling that reading "the washington post," i might be under investigation, that would be accurate for president trump, why he would want to tweet what he did is the problem, and i sympathize with my old friend jay. he's a great lawyer, who has to defend what is in effect a contradiction in the message that he is truthfully saying is we have no knowledge there's an
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investigation formally for mr. mueller. he's not notified us. i cannot explain my client's statement other than he has a sensation, a feeling he's under investigation, but that's not what he put on 140 characters. >> right. right. similar to you, you know, watching him come out, it seems lie he's sent out by the president to do tv, to be this fighter, to come out swinging, do you see it as a winning strategy for them? >> i don't think it's a winning strategy when you're debating these types of issues, instead of the issues. that's not to say he shouldn't, you know, do what he needs to do from a legal point of view, and certainly politically bat down things that are not true, but he's not -- as lanny says it doesn't help himself, if at the end of that tweet there would have been a question mark, which
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i'm being investigated? this is ridiculous that now they're saying i'm being investigated for this? i think that was the tone, but again in 140 characters, you don't get context. there was no context in this, and fighting this battle right now respect trying to wage war with bob mueller right now, he needs to move on and focus on jobs and the economy and national security. there's a lot going on in the world. he needs to focus on. >> so they've got this cloud that is russia, as we've been talking about for a while now, lanny, help clear this up. i know a lot of people are watching, how does he know or not know? from my understanding there's no obligate, you know, to say -- to trump or the trump circumstance the whether he is actually uninvestigation. if the president wants to find out, what's the process for him to do so? >> he asked jim comey, up and
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down i think comey's responding to the question was inappropriate, because as the head of the fbi he's not in a position to advise the president. it's only the justice department. so mr. comey had a problem with seeing the distinction between himself as an investigate and the pooh people he's supposed to report to. the president should not be asking the attorney general. he should let, quite frankly, listen to wise republicans like former senator santorum and focus on what the american people care about, and let mr. mueller do his job. if he's worried about his own involvement, that will or won't be found out by mr. mueller. i can assure you the truth will come out, but he needs to focus on what people care about, and i don't think it's his twitter account -- >> but lanny -- >> and i sympathies with his
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attorney about that twitter account. >> how do you -- what do you do if your jay, and you're talking for the president of the united states? >> i have simply no jay. i did work for president clinton. there was no twit are account in those days, but if there were, president clinton was a lawyer, very smart, and he knew when he came to work in the middle of a lot of his controversies what the american people wanted was for him to do his job. despite everything he went through, and i know senator santorum loves me to say this, he left office on his last day, despite everything with a the 65% approval rating, because he achieved peace and prosperity and jobs. that's what president trump should be focusing on. as a democrat, i only wish any president success, because it's about the whole country. he's not helping any of us by the way he's conducting himself
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on twitter. >> i think there's a lesson learned from bill clinton. bill clinton was impeached. he wasn't convicted, but he was impeached. he survived impeachment, because impeachment is a political process, because he was still popular. he was doing things, delivering a stronger economy, a reduced deficit, and he was conducting his affairs as president through this very difficult time. he stayed focused and, you know, as lanny will tell you, we worked on trying to get social security reform in the middle of all this. we were trying to do big things even through this difficult time. that's how he survived and remained confident. >> your message is get on message. >> get on message and start delivering for the american public. he's doing a lot of good things, but you public doesn't know about it, because we're talking about in instead of talking about the things he's doing. even today, there are positive stories out of the white house. i get them every day, they send them to me, but nobody is
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talking about it, because the president is focused on something else. >> there's a huge tech summit. we'll be talking about it. it was infrastructure last week, tech this week. here's my question on kurshner, so far it appears he is not a target, but he is looking to hire these criminal litigator toss beef up his legal team. you know, we had the news last week, the president lawyering up. to me this is just getting very real. >> look, in this case i have to admit to having just personal instinctive like for mr. kushner. he comes across to me, though he doesn't speak much, as ra nice young man, as his wife is very impressive ivanka and jared kushner should be focused on, as i understand their positions, much more moderate than others in the white house. the fact that he's going through
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this, i don't know what he did, is wile troubling, and unfortunately the best thing for him, he's got a great lawyer already. he should probably have a criminal defense lawyer now that he's under a cloud, but the best thing for him if he's done nothing wrong, he's already volunteered to go to congress and testify, that should bess his best course of action. you gave my long-ago book with the mantra tell it early, tell it all, tell it yourself. that's the best way to handle these types of controversies, with transparency with people in your profession. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. speaking of kushner moments ago, the adviser making rare public remarks. i don't think he's spoken publicly since january. we'll listen to what he said, ahead. also in the most expensive house race in history, and the
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biggest of the trump presidency, an outrageous new ad links democrats to the congressional baseball shooting. we'll talk about that. after the u.s. shoots down a syrian jet for the first time, russia now warning american planes that they're targets. i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching centswatch ing cnn's several live coverage.
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a u.s. fighter jet has shot a syrian plane out of sky and russia now issuing a stern warning. russia has responded to the incident by putting crosshairs on any coalition plane saying it will not treat u.s.-led planes in syria as targets. joining me, retired lieutenant colonel scott mann, who served in above iraq and afghanistan, the odds thor of "game changers, going local to defeat violent extremists." welcome back. >> thanks for having me. >> you shared all along that sharing airspace was essentially a taggest. how concerned are you about this? >> very. this has the potential to go high order, but you're right. this was something i was talking about in game changers early on, when we had that they gained in
11:20 am
syria. you can see this one coming, brooke, if you will be at the most basic level, this is the sanctuary for isis and around iraqa, and we have to protect our ground forces and surrogate forces we are working with. this has the potential to get even more volatile. >> if this were to ratchet up, if russia took done a u.s.-led coalition plane, what would the response be? >> this would have toe reciprocity. that's intolerable. this is where it gets convoluted, brook, but i think at the end of the day, where we have to -- and the commanders on the ground, we have to protect our ground forces and surrogate forces from any threat in the sky and the ground. if russia were to shoot us down as a targeted action, we would have to -- but if we don't establish airspace and battle space, where we're operating in the enemy ain't wear, we're not
11:21 am
going to get the job done. we cannot do the mission that way. what does this tell you about dod decisions, military decisions by the trump administration? >> well, first of all, it sounds like the call was delegated down to the commanders on on the ground and in the theater. that's exactly where it should be. we've got held these decisions -- it's a quick moving thing. it's dynamic, we need the commanders on the ground to be able to make the call. i guaranteed they probably tried to put measures in place and then had to act in the interest of our troops. >> presidents on the ground, though, you have u.s. special forces. we know they're there, and in the wake of this, do you think they're at increased risk? >> i do, but i also believe this is the way to defeat isis. i talk about this in my book, going local, empowering local communities and surrogate forces
11:22 am
to stand up over violent extremism. it does come with it increased risk. that's why it's so imperative that we protect these warriors on the ground so they have the cover they need to work by, with and through these forces. we cannot do it without that. >> always a pleasure having you on, sir. thank you very much. >> thanks, brooke. coming up next -- is the white house avoiding the media? the last time it held a off had camera briefing was one week ago. today held off camera yet again, no audio. we'll talk to the reporter in the room next. also mystery at sea. new clues as to what caused that deadly collision off of japan. you're looking at the damage here. how can this kind of accident be avoided in the future? coming up. so we sent that sample i doff to ancestry. i was from ethnically. my ancestry dna results are that i am 26% nigerian.
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combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. just into cnn, the white house telling reporters in an off-camera briefing a bit about the possibility of tapes being released perhaps, but it sounds like maybe not a lot. jim acosta is our senior white house correspondent who left the no camera, no audio briefing. i saw your tweet. you're feeling like the out is stonewalling you? >> the white house mandated that we are not allowed to covering the white house press secretary for the united states of america in that fashion. so yes, when we're asking important questions about where is the tape? does the president have
11:28 am
recordings of conversations here? the white house is refusing to answer those questions on camera or in any kind of fashion where we can record the audio. my guess is because they want their evasive answers not saved for posterity. that is the only conclusion one could draw. that when they give you answers, that it somehow reads better in print than it could be seen on television or heard over the radio. there were a number of is the important questions asked about the health care big that is being cobble together in the senate and what the white house has to say about that. you won't hear other see those answers. the question was asked whether the president has the ability to fire robert mueller, you won't hear or see the answers to those questions. you'll only be able to read about it. and people will probably go, the
11:29 am
media is cry babies, they can't cover the way they want. maybe i'm old-fatsed, but i believe the white house should have the questions answered on camera. when they don't do this. they're doing a disservice to the people to the country. i don't want to sound like i'm getting on my soapbox, but when sean spicer, the white house press secretary, pretty highly paid as a golf officials, comes in and says you can't record the video or audio from these briefings, that wouldn't be tolerated at city council meetings or a governor's press conference. here we have the representative of the president of the united states saying, no, you can't cover it that way. it's not like we're -- with the briefing room off to the side of sean being -- it's like bad reality television, is what it feels like now. >> well, i'm with you. aisle old-fashioned and i
11:30 am
assistant with you, on your evasive answers know, i understand he gave another evasive answer. >> that's right. he was asked, because the president said this more than a weekal, he was going to answer this question, where are these stapes? the president said you would find out about that shortly. more than a week has gone by, and sean spicer said, off camera, no audio, perhaps we'll have a answer this week. he said in the past he would get an answer whether the president believes in climate change. the question was asked -- have you gone back and asked the question to that? he did not have an answer to that question, on a matter that happened a couple weeks ago, so the white house press secretary is getting to a point, brooke, where he hayes kind of useless, you know, if he can't come out and answer the questions and they're not going to do the
11:31 am
audio, why even have they briefings? >> it he not even having conversations with the president? does he simply not know? >> reporter: it's a really good question, brooke, a question i would ask, but unfortunately at this white house, we wouldn't have the video or audio to show you the answer to that question because of the stonewalls we're getting. that's the white house behind me. the white house. and it's just -- it's bizarre, i don't know what world we're living in where we're standing at the white house, and they bring us into the briefing ream here and they won't answer these questions on camera, or let us record the audio. i don't know why everybody is going along with this. it doesn't makes sense, and it feeling like we're sort of slowly but sure by being dragged into a new normal where the president of the united states is allowed to insulate himself from answering hard questions. he hasn't had a full-blown press
11:32 am
conference since february. he has the two plus two press conferences with a foreign head of state where he may take a question from a conservative media, and maybe somebody from the mainstream. for whatever reason we're all going along with it. i don't understand why we covered that gaggle today, quite honestly, brooke. if they can't give us answers on camera or where we can report the audi, they're basically pointless, you're not getting the chance to see are they ev e evading the question? the transport doesn't really show that, and i think smart people who have been doing this for a long time, understand that. >> i got you had. jim acosta, you want to cover the white house. >> reporter: exactly. it would be nice. >> i understand why you're irked. jim, don't move. keep asking the question. david chalian, i don't think
11:33 am
i've ever seen jim acosta quite as irked. where is the transparency? he makes a great point. it's one thing when you see somebody pause -- >> bravo to jim doing his job. he should be fights for that every second of the day, this is what he does for a living. i totally agree with thises analysis. there's no other reason except don't want to see it played over and over again. that's clearly the reason. we should say s. white houses long before this one have complained about the briefings and feel that, you know, confrontation between the television reporters and the press secretary are good theater that get drummed up. you know, we have heard those
11:34 am
complaints before, but to jim's fundamental point, these people work on behalf of the american people, watching them, hearing them be held accountable for their positions is a good thing for democracy. and so i certainly agree, but this is not a new problem that white houses have grappled with on how to deal with de-emphasizing the theater of the press briefing and the information exchange. >> i appreciate his frustration and it's not okay. let me move off of that to fill tom price's seat. you have john sosoff, and this poll was more than ten days ago
11:35 am
siz let met make this clear, the ad has been condemned by both sides. roll it. [ gunshot ] >> announcer: the unhinged left is endorsen and applauding shooting republicans. when will it shot? if john ossoff wins on tuesday -- >> as grotesque as the ad is, quote -- i'll tell you what, i think the shooting is going to win this election for us, because moderates and independents in this district are tired of left-wing extremism. i get there's extremists on both sides, but we are not seeing them. this is a quote from "the washington post." it's disgusting, but is this something you think might help republicans win the six? >> i think it's impossible to say. that quote was startling, to see that kind of political analysis, something "the washington post" spoke to, i believe, is what
11:36 am
that quote is. >> that's correct. >> but it's impossible to say what could impact it so close to the election at the end here. obviously that was a big story and there was some developments that sort of bled over into part of the terrible use of words, sorry -- there were ancillary stories about them receiving some envelopes with white powder in it as well, so that whole notion of sort of violence and polarization of politics has part of the conversation here, but let's not connect the shooting at all to this campaign, because at the end of the day, that's not what this kame campaign is going to be about. and both sides corn democrat it, because it was totally -- >> david chalian, thank you. up next, how did it happen, the seven u.s. soldiers killed after a navy destroyer collided at sea with a cargo ship.
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ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. it's the only way to know for sure. just briefly here for the sake of transparency and the conversation we were just having, i was talking about the georgia sixth congressional district. the race, people will be voting tomorrow. i want to be specific as far as who said this quote about 1450ding to maybe the republicans' fate. it was brad carver. he's the republican chairman of georgia's 11th district, apparently the bottom piece of that tear-away got cut off. let's move on and talk about
11:42 am
this absolutely awful story from the u.s. navy. the frantic search for seven soldiers were found in flooded compartments. in the overnight hours it collided with a philippines container ship. it happened around 2:30 a.m., the heroic actions of the crew who immediately started patching the holes are being credit the from keeping the ship from sinking completely. >> two apartments that house 160 of the cruise are in those compartment. it was a significant impact to the side of the ship, and you can't see most of the damage. the damage is mostly underneath the waterline. it's a large gash near the keel of the ship. so the water flow was tremendous
11:43 am
there wasn't a lot of time. the ship is still listing, so they had to fight the ship to keep it above the surface. this massive container ship in the highly regulated waters off japan's coast. joining me now, commander, thank you so much for being with me, of course our thoughts go out to the navy community and these families getting these phone calls she want me understand, this is one of the most modern technologically advanced war ships out there. how can this happen? >> it's very frustrating to see a small part of the story. this is an investigation that's going to take several months
11:44 am
before the public gets the full story, so i would caution to whole judgment until we get more than one story. one personal example -- 27 years ago i was a navigator for a small training vessel. we ran into a very, very heavy rainstop. so heavy it washed out our radar scope. we couldn't see more than 50 yards you've ha storm a huge container ship weren't 'voighted a collision by less than five seconds. you think this stuff is impossible to happen, but mechanical malfunctions, radar failures, and there's a perfect storm of bad circumstances that can lead to something like this. from what i understand, you know, whatever a ship navigates by, it's my understanding that a ship should never get hit on the starboard of the right side.
11:45 am
>> yes, all the things being equal form the ship to the right should -- this should never happen. there are specific rules of the road that reg lay how ships are supposed to interact. there's so many caveats. it's possibly both ships are at fault. it's also possible only the container ship was at fault. one of the things the investigation will look into is whether the container ship was -- whether or not the perjure was manned. i dealt with a number of container ships in the western specific a that were in the unfortunate habit of leaving their bridge unmanned. that would never happen with a u.s. navy ship. irthink -- but beyond that, about how a u.s. navy multibillion warship came to be put in an inopera tiff condition, but multiple investigations by now.
11:46 am
there was always different people manning them. for they different sailors on the overnight mid watch. the crucial decision that they are there to make. manure the engines, you've also got multiple lookout. commercial ships will same with one or no -- when they're sailing under autopile. we always have people on the bridge. the exact number is dependent on where they're operate operating extremely unlikely there were less than five or six people on the bridge. at nighttime you always make
11:47 am
sure you have extra lookouts out, because you're obviously dealing with a increased visibility scenario. >> christopher, thank you, and our hearts go owl to all the families in the navy community. we'll be right back. for your heart...
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all eyes are on tonight, when the senate is planning to bring it to a halt, to put pressure to rounding up the health care. they're angry that they're -- shrouded in secrecy, republicans facing a narrow window. republicans are hoping to have a senate vote on this legislation before fourth of july recess. cnn national politics reporter
11:52 am
michael jackson lee m.j. lee, if they have to hit had mcconnell deadline. weather talking about thing lying cage for hearing and basically objecting to putting routine that they're going to get from republicans, really just to slow thing down, because democrats understand as you said, mcconnell would lovell -- the bad news for republicans is that -- the things were not looking good for reps. so far not a single lark haus total us that -- the other issue is there's no cbo scoring there is not in its full form.
11:53 am
there has talks of bits and pieces. that means a vote probe needs to happen. and what this bill would do before they make up a political decision. >> then what happens with regard to the republicans in the house, because this would be a different iteration from what we watch. m.j. lee, thank you so very much. coming up next, a top role in the white house, yet few people have actually heard him speak on camera. moments ago, rare public remarks
11:54 am
from jared kushner ahead of his big overseas trip focusing on middle east peace. what he had to say, coming up. we're back to our breaking news, terror investigations, both uses cars as weapons. we're back in a moment. [sound of wrench] [intricate guitar riff] [engine starts] [guitar continues] (upbeat dance music) (dance music abruptly stopping) (dance music starting then stopping)
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top of the hour, you're watching cnn. several breaks stories, but first to this continuing contradiction out of the white house about this russia probably. moments ago the president kept silent about it with his photo op with the president of panama. >> mr. president, are you under investigation by the special counsel? mr. president are you under investigation? >> and no answer.
11:59 am
his lawyer repeated president trump is not under investigation which read, i am being investigated by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. witch-hunt. we now know he was reacting to the report from "the washington post" from a couple days ago. there was a point that he kept repeating with my colleague chris cuomo. here's just a piece of theirs conversation on "new day." >> do you think that bob mueller is looking -- do you think that's under the purview of his probe?
12:00 pm
that the president's authority to terminate at the -- but that's a clear. >> based on if the president has the authority to begin with. the way it works, you look at the constitution -- >> hold on a second. >> do you think this matters, jay, and i respect you very much as a counsel. i've researched, you're a good attorney. the president hired well here. what i'm saying is, look, muler is taskeds with looking at all the circumstances surrounding the russia interference probe. that's common knowledge. this is something he would look at. that doesn't mean the president is a target and for those at home, you have target, subject, witness. we don't know the extent or if he will even pursue it, about you to